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Corporate Wellbeing

Eliminate Stress - Improve Focus - Increase Productivity

Get the Most out of Your Business with

Breakthrough Corporate Wellbeing Consulting

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Get the Most from your Team

A healthier, happier workforce leads to a collective positive energy, which creates greater productivity, improved relationships between co-workers, and better customer service.


It makes great business sense to reward your workforce with wellbeing initiatives that bring a sense of job fulfilment.

You're in Good Company

Sometimes it takes an outsider's view to see what is truly going on beneath the surface!


By using renowned Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Tina helps guide her clients to rapid results, by removing limitations and issues that lie beneath the surface.


Tina helps large-scale organisations and small businesses get to the root cause of performance issues, using empowering mindset techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and talents held within every individual.


Which in turn, helps to improve the collective energy of your business, leading to greater performance and success.

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I've Been There, I Get It!

I was a high-flyer in the banking sector in London for years before becoming an RTT therapist!

Be coached by someone who understands the stress and expectation that is associated with working in a high-pressured role.

With RTT, I can help to eliminate stress, resolve conflict, improve focus, gain confidence and energise your workforce so they can be the best they can be, in a thriving, productive environment.

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Transform your Workforce

Observe the ripple effect of RTT on your workforce, and experience overall wellbeing and lasting results.  

Confident Businesswoman

Transform your Business

Experience the benefits of a healthy, happy workforce and watch your business go from strength to strength

Here's what people are saying

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Kirk Thompson

London, UK

"Since my session with Tina things have become much clearer and I can see and act on my vision much easier. I used to wake up to fogginess and anxiety in the mornings. This would increase when thinking about tasks and goals. I would start my day with a low-level sludge, not the best start to the day.

Now I’m clear and wake up with time and mental space to think. The tasks of the day don’t bother me, they're just something to work on, I’m much more agile and resilient now.

One of the main reasons for seeing Tina was not finishing projects, overthinking, overwhelming (I’m working on a very large project) and not being able to focus on the task. This was holding me back and delaying the project causing further stress. I’m not only finishing tasks I’m enjoying my work again and feel like I’m in flow. Things keep changing over time. I'm noticing lots of little improvements in my general wellbeing, attitude, and energy levels.

The recordings work well and help you stay on track, I listen to mine twice a day and feel on point and ready to go.

If you’re thinking of working with Tina, just do it, it's changed my life."


Paul Aspinall

I was the Mr Sceptical about hypnosis, thinking it belonged to the dark side. I decided to look into it after a friend shared their experience, she had suffered with severe back pain and "apparently" after hypnosis the pain disappeared. Still not really believing it could work, but knowing I had nothing to lose, I made an appointment with Tina to be hypnotised for a long term addiction, btw I was desperate to kick my addiction and failed on my own.


I had the therapy on a Thursday eve, on Friday I knew I was free from my addiction. I now know that hypnosis is a powerful therapy that can help all people shake off ingrained harmful addictions, habits, improving your life, giving you the power to take control, and not be a slave to harmful habits.


I now have changed from Mr Sceptical.  I recommend Tina to anyone struggling in anyway, from low self esteem to addiction like myself. Don't hold back, you won't regret it. Guaranteed.

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