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Transform your relationship with yourself in just 1-3 powerful sessions.


Tina Gray, Hypnotherapist & RTT Master Trainer

Since completing my extensive training with internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, I’ve had an incredible success rate with people who want to change their limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours. 

Having previously sought hypnotherapy for my own issues, I now absolutely love giving people like you a different and inspiring perception of yourself and rewiring you for success.


Therapies & Sessions



If you lack confidence, are unhappy or in pain, I have the tools to help you transform your life quickly and permanently - whatever your issue.


Choose virtual hypnosis via Zoom or meet in my tranquil consulting rooms in London and East Sussex if you need a hypnotherapist near you.


Ever experience a group hypnotherapy session? Be inspired and supported by others as you upgrade your own limiting beliefs.


Clients Recommend

Cilla Luck, East Sussex

I attended Tina's workshop in April and it totally transformed my eating. I found it easy to give up all the chocolate, biscuits and ice cream etc and since then, I have lost over 3 stone. Amazingly easy too.

Sabrina Souto, Canada

Tina is spectacular!! I am from Canada and had a session with her Via Zoom. It was so on point. The way I eat is different... Looking forward to the continued weight loss. Thank you again Tina:)

Sarah Connor

A friend recommended Tina to me, from hearing successful stories from other friends of hers. I was a bit sceptical at first and just couldn’t believe something like this could work… how wrong I was!


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