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Why Choose Tina Gray For Hypnotherapy?

  • Face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions are available for those in the Lewes area.

  • 1-1 hypnotherapy coaching sessions, removing negative emotions from past experiences, so you can see that anything is possible.

  • Targeted approaches and open discussions are used to unlock your full potential.

  • A safe and empowering space to talk through any sensitive issues.

  • Ongoing encouragement to keep moving forward.

Contact Tina For effective and life-changing Hypnotherapy sessions, available in Lewes.


Professional RTT Hypnotherapy Services in Lewes

Weight Management

Hypnotherapy can be effective for people looking to lose weight or manage their eating habits.  With the right tools, the mind can be influenced into changing habits such as overeating, and replacing thoughts and feelings with healthier ones. 


Anxiety, insomnia and depression are common in our fast-paced society, but you don't have to live with it. Hypnotherapy can help you to find the root of the cause, and break free from these often-times debilitating conditions. 


Alcohol, gambling and drug-related addictions can stem from our emotional baggage from the past, or it might be that life is just too stressful. Whatever the cause, hypnotherapy can locate it deep in your subconscious, and help you to change your mindset and habits.


Sometimes those we love can trigger deep feelings within us, which are not always positive. Hypnotherapy can help you dig deep into the subconscious to overcome any fears, self-love, or limiting beliefs and release them, enabling you to form healthier connections to those you love. 

Develop Self Realisation with Hypnotherapy

Have you lost complete control of your life?


Release all the struggles, insecurities, and fear with the help of an expert hypnotherapist, Tina Gray.


Are you uncertain of how to get help with a particular issue? To so many struggling in their life, Tina Gray has been their savior.


With 1 to 3 powerful sessions of hypnotherapy, Tina can help you overcome whatever it is that is holding you back, and create a positive perspective. 

Together we can change the way you feel about yourself.


Book a free 20 minute consultation with Tina and learn to live the life of your dreams.


"Together we will work through your past experiences during the hypnotherapy sessions and give you the tools to free yourself from the bad habits holding you back." 

Expert hypnotherapy sessions, available for those living in Lewes.


Start your self-love journey with Hypnotherapy

Are you suffering from low self-esteem or a negative body image?


With Tina Gray’s hypnotherapy sessions, you’ll shift your attention from the negative chatter of both your inner and outer world, and start embarking on a journey of self-realisation. 


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can shift your mindset, radically changing your thoughts and feelings. Tina will give you the tools to communicate with your subconscious mind to clear any negative thoughts you have about yourself, replacing them with healthy, loving ones.

You deserve happiness. Let Tina guide you to achieving it.

Effective and Powerful Hypnotherapy Sessions

In just 1-3 powerful sessions with Tina Gray, you will successfully kick all those negativities habits to the curb.


Tina offers 1-1 hypnotherapy sessions, transformational group workshops, and virutal HypnoHIITS programmes for weight loss. 

Hypnotherapy for your mind and body - Tina's mission is to completely cleanse the mind and body of self-limiting behaviours that can cause unhealthy choices. 


With professional hypnotherapy in Lewes, you’ll ultimately learn to overcome all the hurdles that are holding you back from living your best life. 

Start a new life full of confidence and positive thoughts. Book a 1-1 hypnotherapy session or a group workshop and jump into a healthier you.


Hypnotherapy sessions with Tina, available in Lewes. 

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Here's what people are saying

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"I attended Tina's workshop a week ago and I can't believe how much it has changed me and my mind about food! I've always struggled with my weight and having cravings due to being emotional eater that had gone out of control. since the workshop I have not craved any bad foods, barely think about food only when ment to feel hungry. I had addiction with chocolate mainly but now I can look at it and feel nothing! it's amazing and I would recommend to everyone. even if u don't need to loose any weight. just to be healthy. this lady is amazing! 1 to 1 for other reasons too she is brilliant. can't thank Tina enough"

Becky Luck, East Sussex, UK

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