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About Tina Gray

Tina Gray is an experienced and reputable therapist helping people in the Tunbridge Wells area.


She is a transformational speaker, life coach and RTT trainer, and has worked with tens of thousands of people on stage, in workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions.


Tina helps her clients unlock their deepest held beliefs through powerful hypnotherapy sessions, helping them to easily see what is causing emotional, mental, and physical pain. Next, she helps them find their way out, without disturbing their own mental or physical harmony.


Professional RTT Hypnotherapy Services in Tunbridge Wells

Weight Management

Hypnotherapy can be effective for people looking to lose weight or manage their eating habits.  With the right tools, the mind can be influenced into changing habits such as overeating, and replacing thoughts and feelings with healthier ones. 


Alcohol, gambling and drug-related addictions can stem from our emotional baggage from the past, or it might be that life is just too stressful. Whatever the cause, hypnotherapy can locate what's tucked away deep in your subconscious, and help you to change your mindset and habits.


Anxiety, insomnia and depression are common in our fast paced society, but you don't have to live with it. Hypnotherapy can help you to find the root of the cause, and break free from these often-times debilitating conditions. 


Sometimes those we love can trigger deep feelings within us, which are not always positive. Hypnotherapy can help you dig deep into the subconscious to overcome any fears, self-love or limiting beliefs and release them, enabling you to form healthier connections to those you love. 

Treat Multiple Conditions with the Help of Hypnotherapy

Whether you are suffering from insomnia, anxiety or stress - or going through some chronic ailments – hypnotherapy can be the answer to your health conditions.


Hypnotherapy is one of the safest and most effective techniques to treat various kinds of physical, emotional, and mental health issues. TIna shows you the strength that you already have within you to overcome your challenges.

At Tina Gray Therapy, you will receive the care and support needed to live your best life, emotionally, mentally and physically free.


Hypnotherapy sessions are available to those living in the Tunbridge Wells area.


Hypnotherapy Tunbridge Wells: A Gentle Relaxation

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and relaxing experience, where your therapist will talk to you continuously throughout the session. Tina's voice will help you dive into your inner self to find the peace you've always craved.


With the light that hypnosis can ignite within you, you will be able to find the answers to all your hidden doubts and insecurities and release them for good. 


With the help of Hypnotherapy, you can rewire and reprogramme the subconscious mind to remove unhealthy thoughts, toxic habits or unwanted feelings.

Want to experience new and positive changes in your life? Book a powerful 1-1 hypnotherapy session with Tina.


Available in Tunbridge Wells.

Move Forward in Live with Positive Changes

Three ways Tina's hypnotherapy sessions can bring positive changes to your life:

Boost Your Confidence

Your confidence levels will reach higher states with the help of hypnotherapy, helping you to gain a new lease on life, feeling optimistic about the future.


Remove Stress and Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome stress and debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. You will be surrounded by positive energy and feel totally relaxed after each session.


Reduce Pain:

From migraines to other chronic pain – hypnotherapy has the power to reduce pain in an individual. Your therapist will teach you how to control your mind when you're feeling pain and discomfort.

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Watch Now

Get a New Perspective in just 1 to 3 Powerful Sessions

Attend Tina's Group Hypnotherapy Workshops

Be a part of Tina's powerful group workshops for a transformational experience.


"I’m genuinely invested in every single person who joins my group workshops. I want you to be empowered, confident and healthy, and kick all that has been holding you back to the curb."

Are you ready for a radical shift in mindset?


To book your free 20min consultation, get in touch with Tina.

Relaxing Massage Therapy

Here's what people are saying

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"I attended Tina's workshop a week ago and I can't believe how much it has changed me and my mind about food! I've always struggled with my weight and having cravings due to being emotional eater that had gone out of control. since the workshop I have not craved any bad foods, barely think about food only when ment to feel hungry. I had addiction with chocolate mainly but now I can look at it and feel nothing! it's amazing and I would recommend to everyone. even if u don't need to loose any weight. just to be healthy. this lady is amazing! 1 to 1 for other reasons too she is brilliant. can't thank Tina enough"

Becky Luck, East Sussex, UK

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