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Why Work with Tina Gray?

  • With over ten years of experience, Tina is widely preferred for hypnotherapy in Uckfield.


  • In just 1 to 3 powerful hypnotherapy sessions, you can harness the power of your mind and unlock your fullest potential. 

  • Targeted approaches and open discussions enable you to step back and look objectively at any negative influences in your life. 

  • You'll be given tools to help you release the bad habits that are holding you back, for good. 

  • A safe and empowering space to talk through any sensitive issues.

  • Ongoing encouragement to keep moving forward.​​

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Professional RTT Hypnotherapy Services in Uckfield

Weight Management

Hypnotherapy can be effective for people looking to lose weight or manage their eating habits.  With the right tools, the mind can be influenced into changing habits such as overeating, replacing negative thoughts and feelings with healthier ones. 


Alcohol, gambling and drug-related addictions can stem from our emotional baggage from the past, or it might be that life is just too stressful. Whatever the cause, hypnotherapy can locate it deep in your subconscious, and help you to change your mindset and habits.


Anxiety, insomnia, and depression are common in our fast-paced society, but you don't have to live with them. Hypnotherapy can help you to find the root of the cause, and break free from these often-times debilitating conditions. 


Sometimes those we love can trigger deep feelings within us, which are not always positive. Hypnotherapy can help you dig deep into the subconscious to overcome any fears, self-love, or limiting beliefs and release them, enabling you to form healthier connections to those you love. 

Customised Hypnotherapy in Uckfield

TIna Gray is a renowned RTT therapist, coach, and transformational speaker. Under her guidance, you can overcome bad habits such as overeating, release stress and anxiety, manage pain, and overcome insomnia.

When you book a session with Tina, she will consider the issues you are facing and accordingly craft effective strategies to help you shed all the uncertainty and limiting beliefs preventing you back from reaching your health and life goals. 

Tina intuitively knows how to guide her clients to the root cause of their issue, all done with a pragmatic attitude and a feeling of lightness and warmth.

Do you need to take back control?


Book a hypnotherapy session with Tina, available for those in the Uckfield area.

Hypnotherapist Tina Gray in Uckfield

Benefits of Tina Gray's Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • Do you struggle to fall asleep, or wake up through the night? Hypnosis will help you relax so you can go to sleep easily, or fall back asleep if you wake up. You can even avoid sleepwalking escapades as it will train you to wake up when your feet hit the floor.

  • Hypnosis is a very effective relaxation technique to overcome anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety due to a chronic health condition or general anxiety disorder, Tina can help to ease your mind. 

  • Hypnosis is quite effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome. A few of the common symptoms you can expect to improve through Tina's hypnotherapy sessions are diarrhea, bloating, and constipation.

What To Expect During a Hypnotherapy Sessions with Tina? 

Tina Gray has years of experience in hypnotherapy and can easily and effectively take you into a trance state of mind, where your subconscious mind will be more open to accepting suggestions.


In just one hypnotherapy session, Tina will gently guide you into a hypnotic state and together you will work to explore your most authentic self, so you can bring about effective, long-lasting change in your behaviours, and life.


"It really is simply a matter of changing your inner dialogue and connecting to who you came here to be. I’m just the facilitator to help you tap into your true potential."

Hypnotherapist Tina Gray in Uckfield


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If you're looking for a transformational, empowering experience with someone who can help you challenge your mindset and take back control by giving you the tools needed to achieve your biggest, or even smallest, goals, I'm the coach for you.


So what are you waiting for? Feel free to get in touch with Tina and book your Free Consultation today.

Relaxing Massage Therapy

Here's what people are saying

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"I attended Tina's workshop a week ago and I can't believe how much it has changed me and my mind about food! I've always struggled with my weight and having cravings due to being emotional eater that had gone out of control. since the workshop I have not craved any bad foods, barely think about food only when ment to feel hungry. I had addiction with chocolate mainly but now I can look at it and feel nothing! it's amazing and I would recommend to everyone. even if u don't need to loose any weight. just to be healthy. this lady is amazing! 1 to 1 for other reasons too she is brilliant. can't thank Tina enough"

Becky Luck, East Sussex, UK

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