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"I attended Tina's workshop a week ago and I can't believe how much it has changed me and my mind about food! I've always struggled with my weight and having cravings due to being emotional eater that had gone out of control. since the workshop I have not craved any bad foods, barely think about food only when ment to feel hungry. I had addiction with chocolate mainly but now I can look at it and feel nothing! it's amazing and I would recommend to everyone. even if u don't need to loose any weight. just to be healthy. this lady is amazing! 1 to 1 for other reasons too she is brilliant. can't thank Tina enough"

Becky Luck, East Sussex, UK

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"So today I hit my goal weight. Having visited Tina Gray in April to help me get control of my sugar cravings. I've slowly but surely lost a stone in the past 6 ...months. I've changed my eating habits and feel happier and healthier without sugar in my life! I can't recommend seeing Tina Gray enough!!!!"

Mo Osh

"I totally agree, the workshop was amazing- I had seen Tina a few years ago for a private session which was great, but I had got into a few bad habits over Christmas and then was poorly so had lost all my motivation. Tina’s workshop came around at the perfect time for me, I learnt new things and came away feeling really positive, I’ve thought about what I am eating, without depriving myself, I’ve been exercising most days, feeling much better and even lost some weight. I am so motivated to keep this up -thanks Tina xx"

Caroline Burchett, East Sussex, UK


"I had been thinking about ringing Tina for a while, I kept going on her website looking and thinking I should do this, but kept putting it off. One morning I thought... ring this lady, it's now or never, so I did. I made the appointment thinking have I done the right thing or not , and boy let me tell you, it certainly was the right thing to do, I only wish I'd done it a long time ago. If this rings a bell with anybody, give Tina a ring, you won't be disappointed, don't wait and hang about like I did. She is one amazing lady.
Thank you Tina"

Jane Butcher, Uckfield, UK

It was so lovely to meet you today and have my hypnosis by you. ..a warm pleasant and very interesting experience, I've never trusted anyone before, however MPM is amazing ! I'm so glad I found you, so thank you again, you made me feel confident enough go ahead with this amazing technique it was a pleasant experience.

Sue Burtenshaw, Brighton, UK