Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Depression & Weight Loss


We live in a fast-changing world where pressure, insomnia, anxiety and depression are accepted as normal. Medication can help but hypnotherapy offers a holistic approach - seeing past the symptoms and getting to the root of the issue.

The Challenges I Treat


Whatever its symptoms, the underlying cause of an issue usually stems from a limiting belief that was created when we were a child. Rapid Transformational Therapy accesses the subconscious mind to find the root of any issue, and release you from it quickly and effectively.

If your problem is not listed below, this does not mean hypnotherapy cannot help you.

Nachos and Dips

Eating & Weight

Hypnosis for weight loss and eating disorders.

Confident Businessman


Self esteem, public speaking and exam nerves.

Car Singing


Break free from depression, anxiety, grief and anger.

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Rewire yourself for success with performance enhancement.



Therapy for pain relief, fertility, insomnia and IBS.

Couple Holding Hands


Help for relationship issues and sexual performance.

Therapy Session


Free yourself from gambling, smoking, alcoholism and drugs.

Walk in Nature

Other Issues

Overcome your biggest fears and phobias.

Psychology Patient

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