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RTT Therapist London 

Tina Gray is a highly renowned and respected UK RTT therapist, with a clinic based in London. She is trained to the highest degree in RTT Hypnotherapy, and has helped thousands of clients overcome any fears, self-love or limiting beliefs, helping them to reconnect to their true self and full potential.

Tina started Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and mentoring in 2015, and has travelled all over the world training tens of thousands of students in RTT Hypnotherapy.

Tina is conducting 1-1 RTT hypnotherapy sessions either in person or at her London clinic, or online via Zoom.


Professional RTT Hypnotherapy Services in London

Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving success?

Do you sometimes feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, and a feeling of nervousness, panic or dread?

Or perhaps you just want to change an area of your life but don’t know how to, or want to reconnect with your goals and life purpose, or find more passion in your career.

Overcoming issues that are causing pain in your body or stopping you from achieving success in life is all down to your mindset. Sometimes all it takes is a highly-trained professional to help you take a deep dive into your subconscious to find what’s causing the block, and manifesting itself in negative ways in your physical body and outer world.

If you need help to release the blocks from your past so you can move into a more successful, abundant version of you, Tina Gray offers her RTT sessions to clients from her clinic in London.

Get in touch with Tina to book a free 20 minutes consultation.

Hypnotherapist Tina Gray in London

In 1 to 3 Transformational RTT hypnotherapy sessions to unlock your key to success!

Tina Gray will help you harness the power of your mind. You CAN achieve anything you desire, you just need to know how to unlock your full potential.

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety around your career? 
Do you want to increase your sales?
Do you want to revive your passion for your career? 
Do you want to increase your income? 
Do you want to become more confident in the workplace?

Learn how to overcome what’s holding you back and unlock unlimited power and success.

Hypnotherapy is often misunderstood, but it is a powerful form of therapy. By accessing the power of the subconscious mind through hypnosis you can make changes in so many different areas of your life, easily and effectively.

Book your appointment with the highly respected RTT Hypnotherapist in London, Tina Gray Therapy.

Renowned Hypnotherapy Service London


Watch Now

Get a New Perspective in just 1 to 3 Powerful Sessions

Attend Tina's Group Hypnotherapy Workshops

Be a part of Tina's powerful group workshops for a transformational experience.


"I’m genuinely invested in every single person who joins my group workshops. I want you to be empowered, confident and healthy, and kick all that has been holding you back to the curb."

Are you ready for a radical shift in mindset?


To book your free 20min consultation, get in touch with Tina.

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Here's what people are saying


"Since my session with Tina things have become much clearer and I can see and act on my vision much easier. I used to wake up to fogginess and anxiety in the mornings. This would increase when thinking about tasks and goals. I would start my day with a low-level sludge, not the best start to the day.

Now I’m clear and wake up with time and mental space to think. The tasks of the day don’t bother me, they're just something to work on, I’m much more agile and resilient now."

Kirk Thompson, London, UK

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